Even when they tell you that doing witchcraft for love is useless, an unnecessary expense, or lost time, I, today, come to deny those skeptical thoughts and to show you all the experience in witchcraft for love so that you get a total loving fullness, without sadness or disappointment.


As we all know, a distance relationship is when two people who form a personal relationship are not together in the same place. The circumstances can be very different between all couples. It depends a lot on the person with whom you are sharing the relationship.


This does not mean…

Surely you know people who, on occasion, have had pain (headaches, stomach …) or have developed skin rashes that do not seem to be justified by a medical problem.

What can be the origin, then? …

There is a motto that is very right and says:

“When someone really wants to do something, they will always find a means and when someone does not want to do it, they will always find a pretext.”

It is very common for many people to say that they do…

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I create and publish written works based on the knowledge and unlimited imagination of people around the world.

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