A Loved One Just Died and… I’m sure I have seen Him/Her!

Might it be his/her Ghost?

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3 min readOct 5, 2021


Without a doubt, the subject of ghosts and the paranormal world has always been passionate about many people.

This is a very recurring question and anecdote in those people who have little to have lost a loved one and claim to have “seen and heard,”… but is this true?

Check out the following!

Remember that there are five stages of grief, created by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross:

Denial, anger or anger, negotiation, sadness, and acceptance. When we are just going through the first stage (denial), the brain tends to make very bad moves derived from our strong desire “not to accept that person is no longer with us.”

The stage of denial is precisely “refusing” to believe that we have had a significant loss and we do not fall on the 20th of the situation that is happening: we think it is a nightmare from which we will soon wake up and see our loved one again as if nothing had happened.

That is why the brain can recreate false images that even that person is still alive within this very thing. We think we see her and hear her voice, but in many cases, all of that is being created by our very minds as we try to cling not to see reality.

Once this phase is over, those appearances, voices or noises, will stop appearing.

I have a close case of a lady whose husband died, and every night, she prepared a succulent dinner at 8 o’clock, which was when he came home from work. She kept eating as usual and sat at the table “to wait for him.” He said that he did come and eat with her, that they would talk about how his day had been and everything he was used to… but as the weeks and two months went by, he finally realized that he was creating a “fake movie” and only lived it in his alternate reality:

Imagination, because he didn’t come to visit her or have dinner together.

However, if after all these things continue to happen, “things that we consider strange or paranormal,” depending on our religious…



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