CMS, what is it? What is it about?

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2 min readJul 24, 2021

It is a content manager. CMS (Content Management System) is an application that edits and publishes content on our website from the server. Websites are built based on other pages written in a language that we commonly know as HTML. So we must learn to read that language. It is also necessary to apply the FTP type that allows us to “upload” it to our server, where it will be hosted. A CMS helps us edit and publish content without ever having to learn anything about the HTML language.

Moreover, in the end, we ask ourselves, what are the advantages of a CMS concerning manually editing web pages?
Organization of the website: Efficiently, it manages all our content in sections and categories, facilitating navigability for users and allows us to create a solid, orderly and simple structure for administrators. From the admin panel, you can create, edit and delete the sections and categories of your site conveniently.

Content Publishing: Create unlimited pages and, from a simple editor, it allows you to format the texts with the desired styles and images. The contents are fully editable and modifiable.

Scalability and implementation of new functionalities: It offers the possibility of installing, uninstalling, and managing components and modules, which will add value services to your website visitors, for example, image galleries, forums, newsletters, classifieds, etc.

User administration: Stores registered user data and the possibility of sending mass emails to all users. User administration is hierarchical, and different groups of users have different levels of authority/permissions within the management and administration of the site.

Design and aesthetic appearance of the site: It changes the entire appearance of the website and gives it another image.

Navigation and menu: Menus can be created, modified, or deleted an option without problems. You can create more than one and place it in the sections and with the styles you want.

Multimedia Manager: Tool to upload images to the server and use them throughout the site.

Modifiable module arrangement: the position of the modules can be arranged as desired.

Surveys: Voting system and dynamic surveys with results in percentage bars.
News Feed: Automatic generation RSS / XMS news syndication system
Advertising: Advertising on the site using the Banner Manager
Visits statistics: Browser information, OS, and details of the most viewed documents (pages).

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