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9 min readMay 30, 2021

There are millions of big questions we can think of from how the world was created? What happens after we pass away? During our journey in life, these questions may get harder to answer.

Our engagement, experiences, and level of apathy all play a certain role in helping us analyze our environments. A curious quest is not to provide the answer to our questions or share tips that may never help. It is just a young man sharing his thoughts about the world from his perspective.

But why write a book? I am searching for mental clarity, and writing is one of the only ways to have a mono direction to a conversation about working out my thoughts to help change the world. So, when thinking about writing this book, I wanted the topic to be special. I wanted to open discussions about the questions we have as humans in development. We start this journey in adolescence; sometimes annoying are families with many questions from various prospects.

This book aims to build momentum to continue that dated but simple tradition alive throughout our time on earth. If you want the most concept of this book, share it is, We must stop running away from the open pockets of space and embrace them. Hold tightly to the part of humanity that makes you feel uncomfortable.

I believe people showed their true values and weaknesses in a time of crisis and failure. They are never just the right time to write a book, if I can say so. During my transition from undergraduate to postgraduate, keeping my mind sharp takes any other muscle the brain must be worked out. Curious Quest content twelve questions crossed my mind during my final year at Rust College in 2021. That year made me learn and grow as a leader and focus on new ideas based on reflection. The idea of self-responsibility has begun to peak out in my mind. I believe people should share their thoughts freely; even though this is a right in my country, it still feels like we hide behind a mask. In today’s culture, if something is said that most of the public does not agree with, the speaker gets “canceled.”

When you are growing up, it is difficult to tell your parents how you feel without the risk of retribution. In these conditions, fulfilling life cannot be achieved. We tend to misjudge the interface between bliss and gratefulness. We hold the key to enduring happiness in our…

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