Fight your Demons from the Past so you can move on with a Bright New Future. Personal Experience

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6 min readSep 3, 2021

Walk Towards Tomorrow

This is a real and personal experience, I don’t plan to mention real names, but the experience I’m going to tell below is a rite of teachings that I want to share about a person I’ve known for about five years and that our friendship ended not so while ago.

In one of the many adventures I had in my life, I found myself in need to install a dating app to meet more people; I was getting into a depressing situation, something horrible happened to me in my life, and I honestly didn’t want to stay stuck in my bed watching television every day and see how did the sun come and go, so chatting with one of my best friends, he told me, “why don’t you go out and meet someone else? Use this dating app and see how it goes, worse is nothing” At that moment, I totally reject it. Still, when he starts teaching me how to use the app, It started to take my attention, “I could pretend to be someone else for a while and go out with someone else just for fun without having to get to something serious,” I said, in the end, I decided to use it.

Using the app he gave me and making use of one or another trick within the internal chat app, I managed to make several appointments without any problems; I have never considered myself a problematic person, and I have very good feelings people always tell me “You are that kind of a guy with good vibes,” chatting with new people made me have good mood again, I encounter a different girl, who had sad eyes and aloneliest voice, a girl who, despite being what she was like, she really wanted to keep going with her life. Still, she depended entirely on the moral support of someone else.

At first, it was a nice friendship, we ended up having sex, and we did many different activities together, until one day she confesses to me, “I think I’m in love with you” frankly, that was an impact I was afraid of; since I didn’t want to get to that point, I was not prepared. Much less, I didn't want to continue with this; I was terrified to listen to those words, and like a coward, I…

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