What is zero contact

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We call it "zero contact" when we restrict contact with the other for a specific time, cut off, and eliminate all communication with him. Zero contact is to cut the link and stop communicating with the other person. With the latter, we mean not talking to that person, not answering their calls, not writing or answering their messages, not spying on their social networks, not talking about that person with third parties, avoiding their presence in any context, not inquiring about information from that person with friends … That is, practically pretend that person no longer exists in our lives and start living without them.

Zero contact is a technique that is used when we want to distance ourselves from our ex-couple, either because it hurts us to maintain contact with that person, it has cost us a lot to end that relationship, or it is difficult for us to move forward, due to the constant connection with that person or the extreme dependence that exists with him. It is also a technique used and recommended to get away from toxic or harmful people that appear in our lives in different contexts.

Zero contact benefits
Zero contact after a breakup can have many benefits, such as:

Stop self-deception
After a recent breakup, our need to maintain contact with the other can lead us to lie to ourselves, and the other says that we can be friends or maintain some relationship.

However, when the break is recent, that "friendship" will hardly be established without other interests on the part of any of the members of the couple. This can lead to emotional confusion, difficulty living the grieving process of the relationship, and the inability to rebuild our lives with someone else.

The zero contact technique can give you a space to work out the breakdown of the relationship and build a "new life" without your ex.

Clear your mind
The zero contact technique can also provide space to think and clarify thoughts and evaluate the decision to have finished. Taking distance from the other encourages forgetfulness, but it can also be an opportunity to think about what both members of the former couple want. To…



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