How do I know if my relationship is no longer working?

Some signs alert that the bond is breaking.

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7 min readOct 25, 2021


But also ways to act like a couple that sabotages a good relationship. Fear of being happy or repeating parental behaviors could be behind.

No one is surprised by this statement. Life as a couple is not easy. And it can go through many potholes. But sometimes, a rough patch goes on longer than we consider normal. Is our relationship no longer working? Has the time come to consider a rupture?

Is it true that it doesn't work anymore?

Every relationship is unique. What is worth in one relationship, in another may not! Who decides if the couple is going well or not? The couple themselves. Each member must decide the cost/benefit of the relationship. If there are more gratifications and good times than confrontations and disappointments for both partners, they are more likely to continue the relationship.

“What is true is that sometimes we don’t want to see how bad we are with our partner. Our tendency to adapt and justify our actions, even in unfavorable situations, allows us to endure and chronic unsatisfactory personal relationships. The fear of change, of loneliness, of losing emotional and economic stability, in many cases leads us to think that “the known bad is better than the good to know,”

As we shall see, some signs can put us on the trail that our common life is in danger. But that doesn't mean it's coming to an end, as there are ways to deal with crises and fix them, provided there's involvement on both sides.

Spot the signs that something is not right

Within a couple's relationship, when it is conflictive, both verbal signals (reproaches, criticisms, frequent complaints, etc.) and nonverbal signals (contempt looks, derogatory gestures, elevated tone of voice, etc.) are usually observed, which in the eyes of others are more than clear signs that the relationship is not going well.

“If these situations gradually increase in frequency, and none of the partners consider solving it, the conflict relationship becomes chronic. If the couple does not stop the exchange of aversive behaviors and both…



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