The Detachment

It is the most painful and, at the same time, the highest act of Unconditional Love.

Atelerix Creative Quill
2 min readSep 14, 2021


Detachment hurts, hurts a lot, it hurts because we have to let go of what we love, let go, or so we believe, that pain is mental; it is not pain, it is suffering, what makes us suffer is fear fed by the ego, by the entrenched belief of possible loss, of a possession that does not exist, that is not real since we cannot possess someone who is not ours, who never was and who never will be.

Our parents do not belong to us, our friends, or our partner, nor do our children belong to us; they are free and independent beings, with their own way to go, just like us, so we must not subjugate the happiness of each other.

If you’re not happy on your own, you won’t be happy with anyone.

Attachment is the controller of all time; that anchors you in an absent present. However, detachment keeps you in the here and now, is letting go
to the other, knowing that no matter what happens.


And yes, maybe that “hurts us a lot” because until now, they only taught us that we were someone if we had possessions of all kinds; they forgot to tell us that the more we own, the more slaves we turn.

As Frida Kahlo said: “There is no use for imagination to have wings, if the heart is a cage.”

That is why I firmly believe that effective independence is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones, and when you achieve it, then and only then can you shout to the Universe that you have finally achieved true and full freedom.

“Once you start moving towards detachment there is no way back.”

Detachment is to let go of things with ease, knowing that nothing comes out of my life unless it is replaced by something better, which generates abundance.



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